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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

Purchase Options

There are many ways to purchase products from XIAMETER®. From the smallest order to a full tanker, XIAMETER wants to give you the best purchasing experience.

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XIAMETER Distributors

Smaller quantities, local supply, expertise, service and choices.

Available for many of our fluids, silanes and emulsions. If buying directly from XIAMETER doesn’t meet your needs, we have experienced Silicone Distributors ready to support you. Find a distributor now.

XIAMETER Standard Purchase

Easy access to standard silicones available at market-based prices.

Purchase minimums apply. Shipments must be scheduled within 90 days from date of order. Explore our products.

XIAMETER Product Family Pricing

Purchase multiple items within a product family and receive greater discounts.

XIAMETER product families are groups of similar products available through the Sealant, Rubber, and Fluids product lines.


Standard Silicones at attractive prices!

XIAMETER specials are available for a limited time and purchase minimums apply.