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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

 News Archive

7/31/2015Newly released report details Dow Corning’s 2014 sustainability performance and long-term goals
Sustainability at Dow Corning goes far beyond managing the footprint of our own operations.
9/19/2014Dow Corning launches highly versatile food-grade silicone antifoam emulsion through its XIAMETER® brand
The new antifoam, offered through the company’s XIAMETER® brand, not only knocks down foam but also provides excellent antifoaming persistency in multiple food and beverage applications.
6/11/2014Report documents Dow Corning’s sustainability progress and goals for 2013
The recently released 2013 Dow Corning Sustainability Report, which was developed using the Global Reporting Initiative® (GRI®) framework, details the corporation’s progress and goals in the areas of economic, environmental and social responsibility.
11/18/2013As Middle Eastern construction industry expands, new Dow Corning® brand sealant offers cost-effective solution to meet demand
To meet the needs of the rapidly growing Middle East region’s construction industry, Dow Corning Corporation has introduced Dow Corning® MP Silicone Sealant
9/4/2013Injection molding demo to showcase speed and quality benefits of XIAMETER® RBL-9200 Series LSRs
Injection molding demo to showcase speed and quality benefits of XIAMETER® RBL-9200 Series LSRs
3/18/2013Appearance-conscious Men Seek Tailored Hair Care Solutions
Key trends are driving an increase in men’s hair care product sales with silicones playing a key role.
2/12/2013Silicone Antifoams Help Satisfy the World’s Sweet Tooth
Silicone antifoams can help reduce or eliminate foaming issues in food and beverage processing.
1/31/2013With Auto Sales Invigorated, Silicones Helping To Meet Demands for Enhanced Driving Experience
Silicones have been helping improve automobiles for decades.
1/21/2013Dow Corning to showcase product lines at India Rubber Expo
At the 7th India Rubber Expo and Tyre Show, Dow Corning Corporation will share information regarding the company’s proven, innovative Dow Corning® brand and XIAMETER® brand rubber products.
12/10/2012Silicone Release Agents Help Keep Manufacturers Running Smoothly
Silicone industrial release coatings help keep productivity high.
11/14/2012As Global Trends Drive Hair Care Market, Silicones Provide Versatile Solutions
Global trends driving hair care innovations, silicone solutions.
10/8/2012Silicone Antifoams Help Breweries Thrive
While carbon dioxide bubbles can create a distinguishing ‘head’ on a glass of beer, too much foam can create problems. One solution can be to add silicone antifoams in the brewing process.
8/30/2012Dow Corning expert to present “Fluorosilicone Elastomers – Innovations for Automotive Challenges” at Smithers Rapra conference
Hans Peter Wolf, Ph. D., of Dow Corning GMbH will present “Fluorosilicone Elastomers – Innovations for Automotive Challenges” at the Smithers Rapra Silicone Elastomers Americas 2012 Conference, Sept. 19-21.
8/27/2012New school year gives students chance to go ‘green’ with silicone products
One way to reduce back to school waste is to use re-useable products made from materials such as silicone rubber.
8/13/2012Using e-Commerce, Brand Strategies to Manage Product Life Cycles
E-commerce can help extend product lifecycles.
7/9/2012Silicones Help Give Swimmers Competitive Edge
Silicone rubber provides the strength, comfort and durability for a variety of swimming product applications.
7/2/2012Silicones Help Overcome Summer Hair Care Challenges
Products featuring XIAMETER® brand silicones can help protect and repair hair from summer.
6/11/2012Bursting Bubbles: How Silicone Foam Control Products Help Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
XIAMETER brand foam control products help keep manufacturing processes running smoothly.
5/14/2012Keyboards or Touchscreens: Silicone Solutions Help Keep Sophisticated Electronics Running Smoothly
Whether a device uses a keypad or a touchscreen, Dow Corning and XIAMETER brand products help keep sophisticated electronics running smoothly.
4/24/2012XIAMETER® Brand Expands Cooperation with Biesterfeld Spezialchemie
The XIAMETER® brand from Dow Corning has appointed Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH as its master distributor for silicone rubber products in Europe.
4/11/2012XIAMETER Brand Adds Silicone Fluid to Meet Hair Care Needs
New XIAMETER® PMX-1502 Fluid provides excellent luster and shine when used in anhydrous hair serums, and provides improved frizz control and intensive conditioning when used in aqueous leave-in conditioner formulations
4/2/2012XIAMETER Brand Adds LSR Series To Speed Productivity
New XIAMETER® RBL 9200 Liquid Silicone Rubber helps rubber product fabricators to improve productivity and optimize processing performance.
3/12/2012Silicone Antifoams Help Soft Drink Industry Conserve Water
Silicone antifoams from the XIAMETER brand can safely and efficiently eliminate problem foam in food processing applications. Eliminating process foam can reduce water consumption, increase productivity, reduce production costs and, save money.
3/5/2012XIAMETER® Brand Features Silicone Solutions For Hair Care In PCHi Debut
Hair care experts from the XIAMETER® brand from Dow Corning Corporation discuss silicone-based, performance-enhancing materials that allow formulators to develop products designed to better meet their customers’ wide-ranging needs.
2/20/2012Silicone Rubber Helps Silver Screen Stars Shine
From Star Trek to X-Men, silicone rubber is part of movie lore. Today, many big-screen characters are enhanced by silicone prosthetics, and competition to create even better makeup effects has launched a new generation of artists working with silicones.
1/24/2012XIAMETER® Business Model Expands Silicone Product Offering
The XIAMETER® business model from Dow Corning Corporation is expanding its product offering to provide customers even more high-quality, standard silicone fluids, emulsions, resins, coatings, antifoams, moldmaking and rubbers.
12/5/2011Managing a Product’s Life Cycle Helps Businesses Capture More Value
To stay ahead of the competition, innovative companies invest in research and development to regularly refresh their portfolios with newer, specialty products while they continue to capture as much value as they can for their standard products.
11/14/2011As Developing Countries ‘Hit the Road’ Silicones Help Keep Cars Safe and Comfortable
When you get into a car, you are surrounded by silicone technologies and perhaps don’t even realize it. Silicones play a role in modern-day automotive systems such as lights, airbags, brakes, electronics, tires, body and interiors.
10/17/2011Silicones Help Consumers Turn Back the Beauty Clock
Personal care products containing silicones help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, keep your skin feeling silky smooth, and restore your hair’s luster, smoothness and volume, so you can look as young as you feel.
9/28/2011Silicon-Based Materials Help Make Kitchens Fun, Safe and Convenient
Silicones and other silicon-based materials play many roles in the modern kitchen. More families are discovering how the unique benefits of silicon-based materials can make food preparation, cooking and clean-up easier.
8/29/2011Silicon-Based Technology Helps Protect and Grow the World’s Energy Infrastructure
With weather-related power disruptions impacting more and more people, governments and engineers are turning to silicon technology to improve the reliability, affordability and long-term sustainability of the world’s electrical grids.
7/25/2011Consumers Find Good Fit Between Silicones and Their Clothes
The Dow Corning® and XIAMETER® brands offer manufacturers a range of silicone products for textile applications to fit their customers’ needs, such as repelling water, preventing wrinkles, or improving elasticity and resiliency.
6/23/2011Dow Corning Celebrates 30 Years in Taiwan
Dow Corning Corp, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, celebrated its 30 years of operations in Taipei, Taiwan today.
6/27/2011Silicone Sealants First Step to a More Sustainable Home
Silicone sealants are easy to apply and can prevent hot and cool air from escaping, helping you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The better your house is sealed the less energy you waste, which can help keep your utility bills down.
6/6/2011Silicon Technology Helps to Improve Efficiency of Water Delivery
As countries around the world grapple with water shortages due to fast-growing populations and changing climates, silicon technology is helping farmers around the world irrigate their crops more efficiently, reducing the amount of water required.
5/18/2011Silicones Help Keep Cars Looking Their Best
A variety of XIAMETER brand silicones are used in products that can help deliver characteristics such as gloss, water repellency, and more to ensure the insides and outsides of cars look and feel better longer.
5/9/2011Jeroen Bloemhard Named Business Vice President and Global Executive Director
Jeroen Bloemhard has been appointed business vice president and global executive director for Dow Corning’s XIAMETER® brand, based in Midland, Michigan, he will oversee the operations and expansion of the XIAMETER brand globally.
5/4/2011Robert Hansen named CEO of Dow Corning Corporation
Dow Corning Corporation’s board of directors elected Robert D. Hansen, CEO of Dow Corning, effective immediately. Stephanie A. Burns, Ph.D., remains chairman.
4/28/2011Standard Rubbers’ Versatility and Flexibility Meet Myriad Application Needs
Their flexibility, ability to perform at wide temperature ranges, electrical insulation properties, and durability are just a few of the ways standard silicone rubbers impact our daily lives.
3/28/2011Formulations to Help Protect Hair and Skin
One way to protect hair and skin is to unleash the power of silicones. So the next time you reach for a bottle of conditioner, moisturizer or sunscreen, consider the benefits of standard silicone fluids from Dow Corning’s XIAMETER® brand.
3/1/2011XIAMETER® Brand Announces New Product To Protect High-Voltage Insulators
The new product, XIAMETER® ECE-3650 SYLGARD HVIC, is a coating designed for high-voltage insulators, instrument transformers and other high-voltage devices where surface contamination can cause insulation issues.
2/2/2011XIAMETER® products help roads last longer, reduce maintenance costs
Drivers may have fewer potholes to dodge, and local governments may be able to save money, thanks to XIAMETER® brand silanes for concrete formulators that can help repel water and protect highway infrastructure from weather damage.
1/17/2011XIAMETER® Brand Experts to Discuss Silicone Rubber for The Automotive and Electrical Industries at India Rubber Expo 2011
Experts from Dow Corning’s XIAMETER® brand will showcase its rubber product line at India Rubber Expo 2011, 19-22 January, at the Chennai Trade Center (Hall A, Booth Number A46).
1/11/2011XIAMETER® Brand Launches Program for Sealant Manufacturers
Customers can purchase the standard silicones their businesses require, and get the best deal, when they order a combination of polymers, fluids and silanes from the XIAMETER® brand.
12/16/2010XIAMETER® Products for High Voltage Insulation Help Maintain Reliable Power Flow
The XIAMETER® web-enabled business model offers a convenient way to access a number of products for high voltage insulation (HVI) manufacturers to help keep electrical power flowing through efficient transmission and distribution systems.
12/13/2010Zhangjiagang Site Offers New Capacity for XIAMETER® brand Customers
The newly completed integrated silicone manufacturing site in Zhangjiagang jointly owned by Dow Corning will ensure a reliable supply and shorten delivery times for Chinese and Asian customers who purchase XIAMETER® brand silicones.
11/18/2010Dow Corning and Wacker open China's largest integrated silicone manufacturing site
After four years of construction, Dow Corning Corporation and Wacker Chemie AG today officially inaugurated their joint integrated silicone manufacturing site in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, China.
10/28/2010Executing Strategy Is Key to Companies Seeking Supply Chain Efficiencies
While many companies are effective at developing supply chain strategy to boost efficiencies in their processes, many fail in the execution of that strategy, according to Michael R. Levely, global process and operations manager for the XIAMETER® brand.
10/11/2010Dow Corning announces plans for a European Distribution Center
Dow Corning has announced it will invest in a 32,000 square meter (345,000 square feet) energy efficient distribution centre in Feluy, Belgium, to expand delivery capabilities and optimize service for customers throughout Europe and the Middle East.
10/1/2010XIAMETER® Brand Hair Care Products Help Formulators Meet Diverse Customer Needs
To help hair care formulators develop multi-functional products designed to meet their customers’ wide-ranging needs, the XIAMETER® brand from Dow Corning provides a selection of high-quality silicone materials for different hair types.
8/31/2010XIAMETER® Brand grows in Brazil and launches web-enabled business model in Portuguese
The XIAMETER® brand, Dow Corning’s web-enabled business model for standard silicone products sold at market-based prices, has been launched in Portuguese.
8/19/2010Buying standard silicone HCR compounds made simpler by XIAMETER® Brand
The XIAMETER® brand is launching a series of standard high-consistency rubber (HCR) compounds for customers in North America and Europe.
6/9/2010XIAMETER® Brand Silanes Key To “Green” Tire Production
As drivers look to improve fuel economy and road safety and reduce their environmental impact, tire engineers are using XIAMETER® brand sulfur silanes to create the next generation of “green” tires.
5/20/2010XIAMETER® Brand Introduces Sun Care Cream Prototype Formulation
Skin care product formulators are turning to XIAMETER® and Dow Corning® brand silicone fluids and emulsions to deliver high protection, silky feel, wash-off resistance and sun protection factor (SPF) enhancement.
4/1/2010XIAMETER® Brand Introduces Prototype Formulations
With automotive analysts reporting that the average car on the road is more than nine years old – a year older than a decade ago – auto appearance products formulators are turning to a variety of XIAMETER® and Dow Corning® brand products.
3/24/2010XIAMETER® Brand from Dow Corning Establishes Distribution for Elastomer Products in North America
Dow Corning has named R.D. Abbott Company, Inc. to be a distributor for XIAMETER® rubber products. Customers will now have the option of placing orders with R.D. Abbott Company or online at www.xiameter.com.
3/12/2010E-commerce Adoption Key To Smoothing Out Bumpy Road In Economic Recovery
XIAMETER® global executive director discusses efficient purchasing as a competitive advantage
11/2/2009Dow Corning reports sales and profits for the third quarter of 2009
Dow Corning Corp. today reported consolidated adjusted net income of $184.5 million for the third quarter of 2009, a decrease of 27 percent from adjusted net income of $253.4 million reported in the third quarter of 2008.
10/16/2009XIAMETER® Brand Expands Rubber Portfolio
Dow Corning web-enabled business model introduces more than 20 China-made silicone rubbers
10/15/2009Options are a Great Equalizer in New Economy
Shelley Bausch, XIAMETER® Global Executive Director, discusses how E-commerce is key to adapting to changing conditions.
7/31/2009Dow Corning reports sales and profits for the second quarter of 2009
Dow Corning Corp. today reported consolidated adjusted net income of $115.5 million for the second quarter of 2009, a decrease of 38 percent from net income of $187.7 million reported in the second quarter of 2008.
6/28/2009XIAMETER® Brand Launches Expanded Online Marketplace for Silicone-based Products
The XIAMETER® web-enabled marketplace from Dow Corning launched today an expanded business model and new website to provide more products, better functionality, and an easier method to order silicone-based products.
6/9/2009Dow Corning Creates Silicone Industry’s Largest Online Portal
Dow Corning will create the world’s largest online portal for the purchase of silicone-based products. The XIAMETER® web-enabled business will more than double in size and give customers increased options in how they purchase essential raw materials.