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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

XIAMETER® brand Silicone Rubbers

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber can be used for:

  • Automotive gaskets, diaphragms and valves, boots, O-rings, hoses, cables, and connectors
  • High-voltage insulators, insulator coatings, and cable accessories for electrical power transmission
  • Keypads and photocopier rollers
  • Aids for food preparation and delivery including bakeware
  • Infant care including baby bottle nipples and pacifiers
  • General seals and gasket preparation
  • Tubing and profiles
  • Calendared goods
  • Fabric coating
  • Air, fluid and material delivery devices, including tubing and conveyors
  • Protective equipment and masks
  • Sporting goods and toys
  • Three-dimensional extruded profiles
  • Mold making and prototyping


Advantages of Silicone Rubbers

XIAMETER® brand rubbers have many benefits including:

  • Long service life in adverse environments
  • Minimally affected by weather extremes such as rain, snow, humidity, ozone or damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Flexible and resilient across a wide temperature range
  • Excellent electrical insulating qualities that do not change significantly under severe environmental stress
  • Enhanced comfort and feel of consumer goods
  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Inertness, which makes them ideal for many food-contact options
  • A wide hardness range from 10 to 80 Shore A
  • A wide range of color choices from transparent to brightly colored
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of fluids and chemicals
  • Noise and vibration control
  • Water repellency
  • Wide range of high consistency silicone rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials as well as standard silicone rubber compounds, silicone rubber bases or additives to meet your specific processing and performance needs


Composition of Silicone Rubbers

Silicone rubbers are inorganic synthetic elastomers made from a crosslinked silicon-based polymer reinforced with filler. They offer unique chemical and mechanical properties that organic elastomers just can't match.


Featured Products



Check out our RBL-9200 LSR series product selector guide to help rubber product fabricators shorten overall processing cycles and optimize manufacturing performance.

XIAMETER silicone rubber subgroups

XIAMETER high consistency rubber bases (HCR) can be blended with fillers, modifiers, vulcanizing agents, and pigments and heat cured to form elastomeric components. High consistency silicone rubber compounds (HCR) materials are ready-to-use blends of silicone rubber bases, fillers, modifiers, vulcanizing agents and pigments.

XIAMETER liquid silicone rubber (LSR) compounds are two-part pumpable silicone materials that are mixed and rapidly heat-cured to form elastomeric components. They are ideal for intricate designs manufactured in large, automated quantities – such as keypads and baby bottle nipples.

XIAMETER fluorosilicone rubber bases (FSR) can be blended with fillers, modifiers, vulcanizing agents, and pigments and heat cured to form elastomeric components. They have superior extreme (low-high) temperature performance and are ideal for prolonged immersion in fuels, oils, solvents, aggressive fluids.

XIAMETER moldmaking silicone rubbers can create tough-but-flexible molds to reproduce intricate details and deliver high-quality replicas. Each XIAMETER® moldmaking product consists of two components: a liquid silicone rubber base and a catalyst or curing agent.
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