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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning


XIAMETER® Brand High Consistency Silicone Rubber (HCR) Bases and Compounds

XIAMETER high consistency silicone rubber compounds are ready-to-use blends of silicone rubber base, fillers, modifiers, vulcanizing agents and pigments, heat cured to form elastomeric components. These silicone elastomers offer:

  • Mechanical and electrical insulating properties
  • Shortened development time
  • Optimized manufacturing capabilities
  • Optimized manufacturing capabilities
  • Processing by extrusion, injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, roto-cure or calendaring
  • Several compound preforms designed to compliment different fabrication techniques

XIAMETER® brand also sells high consistency silicone rubber bases.

Rubber Components And Related Products

Gum polymers

  • Unfilled, high-molecular-weight silicone polymers
  • Starting "building block" components in rubber formulations
  • Commonly differentiated by functionality and molecular weight
  • Can also be used as modifiers in rubber formulations by milling with another base

Silicone Rubber Bases

  • Uncatalyzed silicone rubber comprised of one or more silicone gum polymers, fillers, fluids and modifiers or additives

Silicone Rubber Compounds

  • Fully formulated HCR products
  • Ready to use (catalyst included)
  • Available in a wide range of formulations tailored to meet diverse industry needs


  • A range of products improves various aspects of performance when compounded into HCR bases
  • Modifier products may include:
    • Color masterbatch pigments
    • Reinforcing/extending fillers
    • Handling agents
    • Heat stability modifiers
    • Strength modifiers
    • Mold release additives
    • Neutralizers


Tell Us What You Need



Use our compound request form to tell us about your application and your requirements. A technical service professional will follow up with you to discuss how a XIAMETER silicone rubber compound can meet your compounding needs.

Or, use the interactive selector tool  to identify and order the silicone rubber compound that meets your specific needs.

Fabricating and Molding with XIAMETER® Silicone Rubber


Extrusion – Continuously extruding uncured rubber through a die to form a desired, uniform, cross-sectional size and shape before curing. With the right materials you can increase your extrusion manufacturing efficiencies.

  • High production rates, short lead times
  • Ideal for tubing rods, larger gaskets, seals, wire insulation, preforms for compression molding
  • Learn more – download our extrusion fabrication guide (PDF: 704 KB)

Injection molding – Extruding unvulcanized preform rubber through a cylinder into a closed heated mold.

  • High production rates and molding cycles possible
  • No preform preparation
  • No trimming required with correct mold design
  • Ideal for products requiring close dimensional tolerances, uniformity
  • Learn more – download our injection molding fabrication guide (PDF: 257 KB)

Compression molding – Placing preform rubber into a heated mold and then into a press to allow the silicone elastomer to melt and fill the mold cavity.

  • Low to medium production rates
  • Economical method for short runs and start-up production
  • Short setup time
  • Low waste with correct mold design
  • Ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts
  • Ideal for gaskets, seals, O-rings
  • Learn more – download our compression molding fabrication guide (PDF: 430 KB)

Calendaring – Compressing silicone rubber in a multi-roll process to produce continuous sheeting.

  • Ideal as precursor for mandrel-wrapped hoses and ducts or to die-cut seals
  • Can be coated onto fabrics or unsupported in very low coat weights/thicknesses
  • Can be cured inline to provide continuous roll of solid or sponged sheeting
  • Learn more – download our calendaring fabrication guide (PDF: 519 KB)