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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

XIAMETER® Brand Polydimethylsiloxane Emulsions

XIAMETER polydimethylsiloxane emulsions are stable blends of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) polymers in water. In the beauty and personal care industry, polydimethylsiloxane is known by its INCI name, "dimethicone."

Features And Benefits

XIAMETER polydimethylsiloxane emulsions provide many of the benefits of polydimethylsiloxane fluids, but in an easier-to-use, water-based form, examples include:

  • The ability to endure harsh processing and operating conditions
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Defoaming properties
  • Heat stability
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Inert, nonreactive
  • Soft feel, lubricity, gloss and shine


Typical Uses

  • Water repellents (hydrophobing agents) for glass wool and mineral wool insulation
  • Auto polishes, rubber/vinyl protectants, tire dressings
  • Furniture polishes
  • Industrial release; mold release; release of bonded shell molds and cores in metal casting; release of rigid polyurethane foam; release of plastic or rubber parts
  • Lubricant for extruded rubber parts, conveyor belts
  • Yarn and thread lubricant
  • Foam control in textile processes (dying, printing, fabric sinking, latex coating, bleaching, scouring, finishing and sizing); chemical processes, including drilling mud, effluent processing, latex compounding, vessel cleaning, pesticides

Structure And Composition

The polymers in PDMS emulsions are linear siloxanes that vary in viscosity from very low to ultrahigh.

  • From their siloxane backbone, PDMS polymers draw strength, stability and flexibility.
  • From their attached methyl groups, PDMS polymers gain inertness, lubricity, release properties and water repellency.

 Polydimethylsiloxane chemical formula
Typical Polydimethylsiloxane

PDMS emulsions may be nonionic, anionic, or cationic, depending on the ionic nature of the surfactant used to emulsify them.

Other factors that impact processing and performance include:

Environment, Health And Safety

For general environmental fate and effects information, read An Overview of Polydimethylsiloxane Fluids in the Environment.(PDF: 265 KB)

Learn why silicones are generally considered safe and environmentally responsible.

Additional Options

For specialized silicone emulsions, including antifoam emulsions, conditioning additives for hair and skin care products and fragrance retention additives, plus product and application support, look to Dow Corning® brand. Explore Dow Corning® polydimethylsiloxane emulsions.