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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

XIAMETER® Brand Organofunctional Silicone Emulsions

XIAMETER organofunctional silicone emulsions are stable blends of organofunctional silicone fluids and water.

They provide many of the benefits of organofunctional silicone fluids, but in an easier-to-use, water-based form.

Functionalities And Applications

XIAMETER brand offers organofunctional silicone emulsions with amino and amido functionalities.


Reacts with many organic polymer systems to improve substantivity to metals and coatings. Crosslinks with protein-based substrates, like hair, to create fast-drying films without buildup.

  • Mainly used in the preparation of low-yellowing textile softeners
  • Adds gloss and shine to auto and hair care products


For a more technical discussion, download the Amino Functional Silicone Polymers fact sheet. (PDF: 166 KB)


Adds many of the benefits of amino groups, but with less reactivity; adds non-yellowing softness; adds corrosion resistance. Often used in the formulation of rinse-cycle softeners for fabric care.

Polymer Structures

Substituting some of the methyl groups on a silicone polymer with other functional groups adds organic benefits without losing the valuable properties associated with traditional dimethyl siloxanes.

The organic groups can be attached:

  • Pendant to the siloxane backbone (“rake” functionality)
  • At both ends of the siloxane polymer chain (ABA functionality)
  • At one end of the chain (AB functionality)


“Rake” Functionality     ABA Functionality     AB Functionality

Additional Options

For specialty emulsions with amino, amido, alkylaryl, epoxy, phenyl, or silicone polyether functionality, plus application and development support, look to Dow Corning® brand. Explore Dow Corning® organofunctional emulsions.