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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

XIAMETER® Brand Methylhydrogen Silicone Fluids

XIAMETER methylhydrogen silicone fluids (polymethylhydrogen siloxanes) are reactive fluids that can be mixed with other materials to create products for many different uses.

Features And Benefits

  • Water repellency
  • Release
  • Upon heat curing, the polymers crosslink at the sites of hydrogen atoms to form a resinous release coating

Typical Uses

Typical uses for XIAMETER polymethylhydrogen siloxanes include:

  • Hydrophobing treatments for powders and other granular materials to make them water-repellent and free-flowing and to reduce caking
  • In the formulation of water-repellent and release coatings
  • To soften or waterproof tissues
  • In the production of other chemically reactive silicones and silicone copolymers
  • As crosslinking agents and chain extenders


For a more technical discussion, download the Methyl Hydrogen Siloxanes fact sheet. (PDF: 160 KB)


Polymethylhydrogen chemical formula

Typical Polymethylhydrogen Siloxane

Environment, Health And Safety

Methylhydrogen silicone fluids and systems that contain them may evolve hydrogen gas under certain conditions. Read Safe Handling of SiH-Containing Polysiloxanes. (PDF: 251 KB)

Additional Options

For methylhydrogen silicone copolymers and other specialty methylhydrogen silicone fluids, plus application and development support, look to Dow Corning® brand. Explore Dow Corning® silicone fluids.