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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

Prepared For REACH

At Dow Corning we recognize that there may be concerns with REACh registration for products sold through the XIAMETER® brand.  Regardless of the brand through which our products are sold, all products will be covered for REACh as indicated below. 

Products supplied from our plants and warehouses within the EU:

As a customer of one of Dow Corning’s European Union (EU) entities, you are considered a Downstream User under REACH. As a Downstream User, your purchases from these EU entities will continue to be covered under REACH for supported uses throughout the relevant phase-in period.
Dow Corning and XIAMETER® have pre/registered all the substances for which we have responsibility to do so under REACH, and we have requested from our suppliers that all substances in raw materials are pre/registered. The result is that regardless of the brand through which our products are sold,
Dow Corning and XIAMETER® continue to offer an extensive product range. Our cross-functional team of experts continues to work on the requirements of REACH to ensure compliant supply of any new product offerings. Further information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions in the REACH Resource Center.

Products supplied from outside the EU:

Dow Corning is likely to be able to cover imports into the EU of its materials contained in direct or indirect customers’ products. Our Only Representative "Dow Corning Europe SA" or our suppliers’ Only Representatives have pre/registrations in place that can cover importers’ REACH obligations.
Dow Corning and XIAMETER® are well prepared for REACH compliance and, regardless of the brand through which our products are sold, we are confident that we can support new business opportunities in Europe. For further information regarding simple to arrange REACH coverage for your  exports, please read about our Only Representative Trustee model. You may also review our Frequently Asked Questions in the REACH Resource Center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained herein is provided in good faith and is based on the best information currently available to Dow Corning. However, this information is subject to change and neither Dow Corning nor its affiliates can have any liability whatsoever howsoever arising for any reliance placed on this information by the user. This information does not represent a commitment to supply any product(s) to a customer and does not constitute a commitment or intention to register any product(s) under REACH.