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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

 XIAMETER® brand Silicones in Textiles

Silicones in Textiles

Why are XIAMETER® brand silicones useful in textiles?


Silicones add softness, reduce shrinkage, and improve wrinkle recovery, tear strength, abrasion resistance and loft recovery. They can also improve water repellency or water absorbency.

Silicone antifoams control foam in harsh textile processing environments.

Silicone fabric coatings maintain their flexibility and stability over a wider range of temperatures than organic coatings. So they neither become stiff and brittle in the cold nor degrade when exposed to heat.


Fabric finishing

  Silicones give fabrics a soft aesthetic feel and help make them more durable and long-lasting.
Fiber lubrication   Silicones are used as lubricants to enhance fiber processing, reduce surface drag, improve abrasion resistance, and add softness and greater resiliency to textiles.
Antifoams and process aids   Silicones are effective in low concentrations under harsh textiles-manufacturing and processing conditions. They may be added directly to wet processes to knock down or prevent foam, or used as formulation ingredients to achieve low-foaming textiles solutions.
Industrial applications   From airbag coatings to general industrial protective coatings and sporting goods, silicones are used to create technical textiles and engineered fabrics with protection and performance qualities. These include chemical resistance, flame resistance and water repellency.




Featured Products



Check out our range of antifoam emulsions for textile manufacturing processes including XIAMETER® AFE-0050 and AFE-2210.

Silicones Used in Textiles

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