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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

Silicones for every industry


Use silicones for a smoother ride, better road-handling, and reduced manufacturing and maintenance costs.
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 XIAMETER Beauty and Personal Care  

Beauty & Personal Care

Silicones can enhance all kinds of hair and skin care products – from making face creams silkier to providing UV protection.
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 XIAMETER Construction    


Silicones excel in construction applications from helping materials maximize energy efficiency in buildings and extend building life.
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 XIAMETER Coatings    


Silicones for coatings help everything from cooking utensils to buildings withstand the toughest conditions.
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 XIAMETER Energy Transmission    

Energy Transmission

By protecting against environmental stresses, silicones can help extend the life span of power infrastructure, and even help prevent accidents.
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 XIAMETER Textiles    


Silicones can do everything from optimizing textile manufacturing to enhancing the textiles themselves.
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