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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

 XIAMETER® brand Silicones in Automotive

Silicones in Automotive

Why choose XIAMETER® silicones for automotive applications?


They are stable over a wide range of temperatures, from -50 to 200°C (-58 to 392°F) and resistant to thermal shock. This enables flexible joint movement with excellent sealability.

They contribute to a smoother ride, better road-handling and higher fuel efficiency.

Silicones resist moisture, pressure, salt spray, engine fluids and UV light to help maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle.

They have stable dielectric properties, even at high frequencies.

Silicones have very low water absorption: 0.1% per weight at room temperature. 

Silicones have excellent sound and vibration damping capabilities.

Silicones can help increase productivity, reduce assembly times and improve durability of formed-in-place seals and gaskets.

Automotive Appearance


  Silicones are key ingredients in the treatment and protection of car surfaces, and in applications such as waxes, wash aids, vinyl and trim protectants, tire care upholstery care and leather conditioning.
Automotive Sealing   Silicone rubber materials and silicone sealants help insulate headlamps and tail lights from moisture and dust, and keep windows, doors and sunroofs from leaking.
Electrical   Silicone protectants help improve the reliability of electronic modules that control information and entertainment displays. Silicon-based materials help prevent intermittent faults due to fretting corrosion, and improve component reliability and life.
Tires “Green tires” manufactured with tread compounds that contain silane-treated silica instead of carbon black roll more smoothly, which improves fuel efficiency and environmental impact.



Featured Products



Check out our range of silicone emulsions for auto appearance including XIAMETER® MEM-8035 and MEM-1101 emulsions.