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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

Silicones - Safe For People And Safe For The Environment

More than 60 years of industrial and consumer use and thousands of laboratory studies have confirmed it:

When used properly in the applications for which they were designed, silicones are safe for people, manufacturing processes, and the environment.

In The Environment

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is the most commonly used silicone. In the environment:

  • PDMS degrades into naturally occurring silica, water, and carbon dioxide.
  • PDMS doesn’t adversely affect wastewater treatment operations.
  • If PDMS enters an aquatic environment, it attaches to particulates and is removed by natural sedimentation. 
  • PDMS fluids don’t typically dissolve or disperse in water, nor do they have a detectable biological oxygen demand. This means they don’t inhibit natural microbial activity. 
  • PDMS doesn’t bioaccumulate – build up to toxic levels – in the tissues of living organisms.
  • PDMS has shown no adverse effects on insects, birds, aquatic animals, seed germination, plant growth, or the plant biomass.


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Resource Conservation

Silicones can help you meet your sustainable manufacturing and resource conservation goals

  • Silicone fluids, emulsions, rubber, and sealants:
  • Extend the useful lives of your products
  • Give you more environmentally sound alternatives to volatile organic compounds and other aggressive chemicals
  • Reduce your dependence on petroleum-based organic materials
  • Reduce raw material requirements and energy and water consumption in manufacturing processes
  • Promote energy efficiency in buildings and automobiles
  • Reduce or eliminate air- and water-polluting emissions
  • Enable the use of clean, renewable energy resources
  • Help you meet growing consumer desires for sustainably produced materials


Did You Know?

Did you know


In the United States , volatile methylsiloxane fluids are exempt from volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations and can be used in place of regulated solvents.