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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

XIAMETER® Media Center


7/31/2015Newly released report details Dow Corning’s 2014 sustainability performance and long-term goals
Sustainability at Dow Corning goes far beyond managing the footprint of our own operations.
9/19/2014Dow Corning launches highly versatile food-grade silicone antifoam emulsion through its XIAMETER® brand
The new antifoam, offered through the company’s XIAMETER® brand, not only knocks down foam but also provides excellent antifoaming persistency in multiple food and beverage applications.
6/11/2014Report documents Dow Corning’s sustainability progress and goals for 2013
The recently released 2013 Dow Corning Sustainability Report, which was developed using the Global Reporting Initiative® (GRI®) framework, details the corporation’s progress and goals in the areas of economic, environmental and social responsibility.
11/18/2013As Middle Eastern construction industry expands, new Dow Corning® brand sealant offers cost-effective solution to meet demand
To meet the needs of the rapidly growing Middle East region’s construction industry, Dow Corning Corporation has introduced Dow Corning® MP Silicone Sealant
9/4/2013Injection molding demo to showcase speed and quality benefits of XIAMETER® RBL-9200 Series LSRs
Injection molding demo to showcase speed and quality benefits of XIAMETER® RBL-9200 Series LSRs



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