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XIAMETER® Silicones Simplified - from Dow Corning

Explore a World of Possibilities with XIAMETER® Silicones

Featured XIAMETER® Market:

Silicones in Beauty and Personal Care




Product Types



Silicone Antifoams

Silicones in Automotive Silicones deliver characteristics such as gloss and water repellency to help cars look better and last longer. Silicone Antifoams Antifoams reduce foam created during the production of laundry detergents, food and beverages and during textile dyeing.
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Silicone Rubber

Silicones in Coatings Silicone-based coatings help beat the heat in barbecue grills and promote adhesion in paints and inks. Silicone Rubber Silicone rubber is used for many things from high-voltage insulators, to bakeware, to baby bottle nipples and pacifiers.
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Did You Know?

Did you know


Silicones come from sand and return to sand. In the environment, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) breaks down into water, carbon dioxide, and minerals already found in the earth’s crust!


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